ZIPEI is a contemporary jewellery brand that was founded in 2019 by Zipei Summer Huang, who is a jewellery designer, silversmith and contemporary artist based in Melbourne. With an emphasis on sculptural quality, ZIPEI’s mission is to transform the poetic hardness and tenderness of everyday life into wearable forms. Each of ZIPEI’s jewellery is made individually, no two pieces are identical.

The brand name ZIPEI is not only Summer's birth name, but means “the (jade) that you are wearing” in Chinese, taken from The Book of Songs. In short, ZIPEI means "you wear". It is ZIPEI’s belief that each encounter is unique, and each piece of jewellery is a companion for the best person to come. We wish the intimacy, the story, and the happiness of wearing our jewellery will stay with you for a long time.


Behind The Scenes

Each of ZIPEI's jewellery is designed and handcrafted in our Brunswick studio. As a one-person business, Summer does not only research, design and make all jewellery, but also photographs, tells the story and   markets on her own. Be assured that we are not retailers, but the maker who understands the materials, the process, and is passionate about sharing them with you.

Apart from ZIPEI's permanent collection, Summer is also available to make special jewellery pieces based on existing designs. See Bespoke and Archival for past commissioned work, and get in touch if you would like to have your own piece of bespoke jewellery made.