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Founded in 2019, ZIPEI’s narrative started from “Home”, where the majority of the time was spent in her home studio due to the Covid lockdown. The design poetically interprets fragments of everyday life: a corner of a rustic concrete wall, a breeze through translucent blinds, the touch of soft bed sheets… These unnoticed moments of our surroundings generate unique sensations of daily life.


Away from finding perfections, ZIPEI’s design embraces the beauty of imperfections, experiments and unique encounters. To this day, all designs have evolved from the initial two streams of work: soft organic folded form and structural architectural form.


Each piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted by the artist herself in her studio. ZIPEI’s jewellery focuses on the individuals’ wearing experience and the sense of belonging, regardless of gender.

*The name ZIPEI is not only Summer's birth name, but means “the (jade) that you are wearing” in Chinese, taken from The Book of Songs. In short, ZIPEI means "you wear". 

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