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Ring Size Info

At ZIPEI we use the AU standard of ring sizing, which is represented by a letter, e.g. 'L'. If you already know your ring size but requires to convert into AU size, please refer to this chart:  

If you are unsure about your ring size, you can:

- Visit us in person to have your finger measured

- Measure your existing ring's inner diameter using the chart above. If you are unsure about the measurement, take a photo of the ring against a ruler and send it to us.

- Use this printable ring size chart and follow the instruction to determine your size. Please be sure that the document is printed at 100% scale.

- Visit a local jeweller to have your finger measured (but please keep in mind that each jeweller may have a different sizing system and thus the size may differ).

- Request a complimentary ring sizer to be posted to you! Simply ask for one when you place your order.  

Please note that different width of the ring will impact the size. Be sure to provide your standard ring size upon checkout - for wider rings we will work out the correct size for you!

Should you have any questions regarding ring size, feel free to contact us.  

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