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  • What's the difference between handmade and mass produced jewellery?
    Mass produced jewellery is produced in large volumes in an ongoing process, creates identical pieces in factory. Current trend and profit is generally what determines the design. On the other hand, handmade jewellery is each individually crafted. At ZIPEI, each piece is handmade from the beginning - that is from designing, purchasing materials from local suppliers, to making and finishing the piece to its own uniqueness. Handmade jewellery has the texture, weight and quality that mass production cannot copy. No two pieces are exactly identical. With proper care, handmade jewellery should last a lifetime.
  • Where can I buy your jewellery in person?
    The Rose Street Artists' Market 60 Rose st, Fitzory VIC 3065 10am-4pm Check here for market dates, or follow us on Instagram.
  • Do you ever have sale?
    As a simple answer, no. All prices are final. At ZIPEI, we encourage customers to purchase for longevity rather than for the price.
  • Do you do bespoke order? Can you design and make something for me?
    Yes! If you would like to have a special piece of jewellery made, get in touch! Use the contact form on the website or email Summer at
  • I'm buying a ring for someone else. Can I exchange the ring if it's not the right size?
    Please see our ring size chart to determine finger size. Generally, customer is responsible for providing the correct ring size. If resize is required upon receiving, ZIPEI offers this service with a fee. If the ring cannot be resized, it can be exchanged for other products or store credit. ​ If you are unsure about whether your ring can be resized, or have other sizing questions, feel free to contact us. Note: All returned jewellery must be in the same condition as it was delivered. Customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. See more at Return and Refund policy.
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