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A handmade earring with several layers of imitate the texture of crumpled paper, hanging in a textured light brown stone.
  • Draft Series Earrings with Pearls

    Draft Series Earrings imitate the texture of crumpled paper, gaining its name from the act of writers tossing their drafts away. In addition to the regular design, the baroque pearls echo with the folds in silver, contain and reflect the lights at the same time.    


    Please note: each pearl is different and thus may vary compared to this image. Please contact us if you would like to select particular pearls prior to purchase. If no notes are given, we will select the best matching pearls to make the earrings.

    • Material: Sterling Silver with Fresh Water Baroque Pearls
    • Finishes: Fine White
    • Dimension: approx. 60mm*15mm
    • Weight: approx. 8.5g each
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