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A pair of handmade earring in the shape of seashore.
  • Seashore Earrings

    Moments of waking up by the beach

    You hear the sound of the ocean, crawling to the mind

    The texture of the sand, escapes from the spoken language

    Fading in the lost shapes of yesterday


    This pair of earrings features soft shapes with a sand-texture. They reminisce ocean waves, shells, sea creatures and echos.


    Please note: due to the nature of this design, each pair of earrings is an one-off piece and will vary compared to the images. Please contact us if you would like a particular look/images of our available pieces prior to purchase.

    • Metal: Sterling Silver
    • Finishes: Fine White
    • Size: Approx. 45mm*35mm
    • Weight: Approx. 8-10g per earring
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