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A handmade sterling silver engagement ring with finger print pattern.
  • You and Me Ring (Large)

    Toi et Moi (French for You and Me) is an unique engagement ring design that features two main stones, representing two equal individuals as a whole.


    You and Me Ring interprets this symbolic design with no gemstones; instead with two soft circles resting on each other. It's putting your hand in mine, and mine in yours. The small version for this design can be found here.


    This ring can also be commissioned in gold


    Please note: as these pieces are handcrafted, each will have their own characteristics and may vary compared to this image. Please contact us if you would like a particular look/images of our available pieces prior to purchase. 

    • Metal: Sterling Silver
    • Finishes: Matte
    • Width: 3mm (band), approx. 10mm (circle)
    • Size: Custom Made
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